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complicated_jsr's Journal

A Jack/Sam Community

Complicated Story
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complicated_jsr was created by me in response to the growing lack of J/S. I hope that the prompts from the ficathons etc. will get some more goodness back.

I am planning on running several events per year. These will be announced a few weeks before the start date for sign-ups and usually last for a month to give people plenty of time to complete their entry. Those that sign up will be given prompts. These will include something from the show, prompts of the season, romantic quotes from literature, settings, actions etc. anything that can work well with J/S and get those creative juices flowing.


I am neither a writer nor an artist. Can I still join in?
Oh yes definitely. We need people to read and enjoy as much as we need people to submit.

Can I pimp my fanfic/fanart here?
I don't particularly want this to turn into just a fic rec community. Having said that times are lean and we need all the fic we can get. So, they'll be a post each month asking for fanfic recommendations, comment to that with a link to your fic, and I'll post a masterlist the following month.

Can I write about previous relationships?
Well it would be a little difficult to do J/S fic without mentioning other relationships. The only answer is J/S has to be the main focus of the story.

I need a beta reader.
There's a beta reader search post, comment to that asking and hopefully someone will answer you.

I missed the deadline can I still submit?
Of course. Post the fanfic someplace else like your own journal and send me a link. I'll add it to the master list of fic produced for each event.


1) Member Age
You can join complicated_jsr whatever age you are. However, not all material will be appropriate for younger members. All fanfic is rated so please exercise judgement before reading a story. The general comments and posts will be kept PG-13 or below.

2) Content
complicated_jsr accepts fanfics of whatever rating. However, really explicit material will be allowed only at my discretion.

4) Plagiarism
Don't do it. I'll remove whatever content that was plagerised and at my disretion ban the offender.